Archaezyme Ltd

We provide the following services
to individuals, institutions, startups and established companies:

Consultancy for Commercialization and Development

Whether you are a scientist trying to turn an idea into a successful biotech company, a startup company planning its proof of concept, or an established company wanting to venture into the biotech sector with a new product, we can help you plan the technical and business strategy to develop your product and company.

Technology Assessment

We do technical assessments of biotech ideas, business plans, and products for angel investors, technological incubators, and investment firms.

Scientific and Regulatory Writing and Editing

We provide writing and editing services in the biotech, life sciences, and biopharma (regulatory) areas either as part of our general consulting services or independently on a per document basis.

We have a broad range of experience, from industrial biotech to biopharma (therapeutic proteins).We have specific technical expertise in protein production, analytical method design, and enzyme applications.

We welcome inquiries about our services and general questions.



Archaezyme Ltd., located in central Israel, was founded in 1996 as a developer of ultrastable enzymes. From 1996-2013, Archaezyme performed contract development of enzymes and enzyme-based processes for commercial applications and provided general protein biochemistry services (purification and analysis of proteins), consulting services, and writing/editing services in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical fields.

In 2013, Archaezyme closed its laboratory facilities while continuing its consulting and writing services.


Dr. Mathew Weisman, CEO

Dr. Weisman is an enzymologist and protein biochemist with over 25 years experience in the biotechnology industry. He has extensive technical expertise in protein production, purification, and analysis and extensive business experience in the design and management of development projects. He has worked extensively in both industrial biotechnology and in biopharmaceuticals and is familiar with both the technical and regulatory challenges of developing a biotech product and bringing it to market.

He founded Archaezyme Ltd. in 1996 after having worked in the R&D division of InterPharm developing analytical methods and as head of the clinical reagents production department at BioMakor (now Sigma-Aldrich Israel).



Consultancy for
Commercialization and Development

  • Helping entrepreneurs organize their ideas into a "proof of concept" for initial investments
  • Scientific and business planning for startup companies
  • Planning and setting up new laboratories
  • Planning of development projects
  • Planning of analytical methods for development projects
  • Planning of protein production processes for development projects


  • Feasibility assessments of business ideas, business plans, and development projects for potential investors
  • Evaluation and troubleshooting of existing projects
  • Expert witness testimonies

Scientific and Regulatory
Writing and Editing

  • Writing support documentation for development projects
  • Writing and editing of scientific papers and grant proposals
  • Writing science-based articles for nonscientists
  • Writing and editing of regulatory documents

Writing and editing services can be done on a per document basis


Contact Us

Archaezyme welcomes inquiries about its services and general questions in any of our areas of expertise.

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